Using Purchasing

(NOTE: This section is for Principal Investigators. If you are a DUO or FO, see this section.)


Instructions for Principal Investigators gives Principal Investigators the ability to initiate purchase requests on-line and do other purchasing-related tasks. For step-by-step instructions please see the following:



Instructions for Designated University Officials (DUO) or Fiscal Officers (FO)


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To ensure the integrity of this system, DUOs/FOs are responsible for the following:


DUOs/FOs are authorized to sign and distribute agreements related to purchase orders up to $24,999 on all accounts that are serviced ordered to RCUH, including those for revolving funds & specialized service facilities.


This authorization is applicable as long as the prescribed document format on the Web site is not altered in any way. Any form that is not on the Web site or is altered, regardless of the dollar amount, will be executed by either RCUH or ORS.


For purchases above $24,999, purchase orders and related agreements/attachments will be electronically reviewed by RCUH & ORS, whenever applicable.


Hereafter, after preparation of the purchase order by the Principal Investigator and approval by the Fiscal Officer, the transaction, if greater than $24,999, will be electronically forwarded to RCUH for review. If an F or P fund is involved, RCUH will route the transaction to ORS for review. Any questions or need for clarification will be communicated electronically in the “internal comments” section of the purchase order.

When approved by RCUH, the DUO is authorized to sign the PO and attached contract. A note to that effect will be entered in the comment section, and the transaction will appear on the Fiscal Officer’s “Purchase Orders Issued by Fiscal Office” screen. Until approved by RCUH, the purchase order will appear on the “Status of Open Purchase Requisition” screen with the comment, “pending RCUH approval.”
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