RCUH E-verify Project Completed


What is E-verify and why is it important?

As of September 8, 2009, federal contractors and subcontractors are required to use E-Verify. As an E-Verify participant, the RCUH completes an electronic verification of employment eligibility for all newly-hired employees. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) have established an electronic system called E-Verify to assist employers further in verifying the employment eligibility of all newly-hired employees. E-Verify is a free, Internet-based system operated by DHS in partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA). E-Verify allows participating employers to electronically verify their employees’ employment authorization. Results are returned online within seconds.


Executive Order 12989 requires that all employers verify the identity and employment eligibility of all new employees (including U.S. citizens) within three days of hire.  In addition, Executive Order 12989 mandates the electronic verification of all employees working on any federal contract. The amended Executive Order reinforces the policy that the federal government supports a legal workforce. 


How does E-verify benefit you?

E-Verify is the best method for employers to verify the employment authorization of their employees. E-Verify will improve the accuracy of wage and tax reporting, protect jobs for authorized workers, and will help U.S. employers maintain a legal workforce.


RCUH E-verify Project

In November of 2009, RCUH requested that each project obtain new I-9 forms for those individuals who had expired identification documents. We are happy to announce that all I-9 forms and updated documents have been secured. Mahalo to all employees and PI’s for your understanding and support throughout this process.


For future reference, we would like to inform all Principal Investigator’s (PIs) that all employees hired directly through RCUH are automatically e-verified by RCUH on the employee’s first day of employment.


If you would like more information regarding E-verify, please visit http://www.dhs.gov/e-verify. For any questions regarding E-Verify, please contact Renee Doi at 956-7241 or via e-mail at [email protected].