IMPORTANT NOTICE –Electronic W-2 Forms

Deadline:  Monday, January 23, 2012


The 2011 Wage and Tax Statement (W-2 form) for RCUH employees with taxable earnings in 2011 are scheduled to be distributed on January 27, 2012.  An electronic version of the form will again be available online on the RCUH Employee Self-Service (ESS) system.

We introduced the Electronic W-2 form last year and believe that this is a great convenience to all of our employees.  No waiting to receive the W-2 form through the mail, no worrying about lost W-2 forms (and the $10.00 reissue fee) and no panicking on April 15th when you can’t find your W-2 form!

To receive your W-2 form electronically:


You must provide us with consent on the ESS system.  Click, or control-click on the link https://LinktoConsent and enter your user ID and password.

If the link above does not work on your browser, please access the ESS system at, click on the Employee Self-Service link and follow the path:


User ID/Password > Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > W-2/W-2c Consent Form

If you have already submitted your consent last year, you do not need to submit again.

If you do not consent, or have withdrawn your consent, a paper W-2 form will be mailed to your mailing address on record.

Confirmation of your consent or withdrawal of consent will be sent to your preferred email address on record.  Please notify us if you do not receive a confirmation email right away as this may signify that your consent or withdrawal was not accepted.

Another notification email will be sent when your electronic W-2 form is available for viewing and printing on the ESS system.

The IRS requires that certain disclosures about issuing W-2 forms electronically be made available to you.   Please read the attachment on the following page.

If you have any questions, please contact the RCUH Payroll staff at [email protected].


RCUH Payroll Staff



RCUH Electronic W-2s for 2011

The IRS requires that the following disclosures be made available to you:

1) Employees wishing to receive their 2011 W-2 form electronically must furnish consent to do so.

2) If consent to receive the 2011 W-2 form electronically is not received by the deadline, or if the consent is withdrawn, a paper W-2 form will be mailed to the employee’s mailing address on record.

3) The consent will remain in effect each year until it is withdrawn by the employee, or the W-2 forms are no longer provided electronically by RCUH.

4) If a paper W-2 form is required after the electronic W-2 form has been posted, a reissue of the W-2 form can be requested on the RCUH Employee Self-Service system.  A $10.00 fee will be assessed for reissued W-2s.  The request for a paper statement will not be considered a withdrawal of consent and consent must be withdrawn for future W-2s, if desired.

5) Consent must be submitted, or withdrawn, on the RCUH Employee Self-Service system.

6) After consent is submitted or withdrawn on the RCUH Employee Self-Service system, a confirmation email will be sent to the employee’s email address on record.

7) Updates of mailing addresses and email addresses should be submitted on the RCUH Employee Self-Service system.

8) There will be days (“blackout dates”) when the RCUH Employee Self-Service system will not be available for changes to mailing or email addresses.  However, giving or withdrawing consent, as well as viewing and printing of the W-2 forms, will be available during these dates.

The next period when changes to personal information, such as your mailing or email address, are not allowed:  January 12 – January 19, 2012.

9) Even if provided electronically, the W-2 form may be required to be printed and attached to a Federal, State or local income tax return.

10) Employees will be notified by email if the contact information for RCUH changes, or if the W-2 forms will be no longer be available on the RCUH Self-Service system.