IMPORTANT NOTICE –Electronic W-2 Forms

TO:           RCUH Employees Who Have Not Yet Consented to Receive Electronic W-2 Forms

The electronic W-2 form, available on the RCUH Employee Self-Service (ESS) system, provides you with a secure and convenient way to receive your 2012 Wage and Tax Statement.

Use the Online Electronic W-2 for Easy Access and Security:

Incidents involving compromised personal information are on the rise and our #1 concern is the security of your personal information.  Your W-2 form contains signification information which, in the wrong hands, could place your identity and finances in considerable jeopardy.

In addition, due to rising administrative costs, a replacement paper W-2 form, issued for any reason including non-delivery, will now cost $25.00.  Therefore, please submit your consent to the RCUH Electronic W-2 form today.

To receive an electronic W-2 form:


Provide consent on the RCUH Employee Self-Service (ESS) system.

    • Click, or control-click on the link https://LinktoConsent      OR
    • Access the RCUH ESS system at  and click on the Employee Self-Service link  > Payroll and Compensation > W-2/W-2c Consent Form
  1. If you have already submitted your consent in previous years, you do not need to submit again.
  2. If you do not consent by the deadline, or have withdrawn your consent, a paper W-2 form will be mailed to your mailing address on record.
  3. Confirmation of your consent or withdrawal of consent will be sent to your email address on record.
  4. We will notify you by email when your electronic W-2 form is available (currently scheduled for Friday, January 25).
  5.  The IRS requires that certain disclosures about issuing W-2 forms electronically be made available to you.   Please read the IRS Disclosures.docx

If you have any questions, please contact the RCUH Payroll staff at [email protected] .


RCUH Payroll Staff