Required Vendor File W-9s

As previously announced, RCUH is currently involved in an extensive effort to obtain IRS Form W-9s from its vendors in order to ensure accurate federal income tax reporting.  We thank those of you who have assisted us in obtaining W-9s from vendors. 


With your continued assistance, it is anticipated that this effort will slow in late 2014.  It is expected, however, that the need to collect W-9s will be ongoing in the near term due to the many vendor records created prior to October 21, 2013 where there is no W-9 on file with RCUH.


As detailed in our notice of November 5, 2013, vendors paid in 2013 that have not responded to RCUH’s multiple requests for a Form W-9 can be viewed on the RCUH website.   On November 30 2013, additional non-responsive vendors were added to this list.  These are vendors that had an existing RCUH vendor record without a W-9 on file that were used during the August-October timeframe and received a Form 1099 tax reportable payment. 


We again ask for your assistance in contacting non-responsive vendors to obtain their Form W-9.  We recommend you check the non-responsive vendor list for vendors that you pay.  The list of non-responsive vendors can be viewed by clicking on the “NR Vendors” action tab (top right corner) of the RCUH website page after logging into the Financial Portal.  A list of non-responsive vendors as of November 30, 2013 can also be found here (click here). 


You can facilitate timely payments to your vendors by contacting them before payment is due to let them know that they need to provide a Form W-9 in order to receive any future payments.  Some projects and departments may have W-9s and/or WH-1s in their files for non-responsive vendors.  Please forward these documents to [email protected].


Beginning December 11, 2013, any remaining non-responsive vendors will either (i) be deactivated if they do not have an active RCUH PO encumbrance, or (ii) be flagged even if there is an active PO encumbrance so you will be unable to submit a payment for a flagged vendor. 


Thank you for your understanding and assistance in this effort to ensure that RCUH complies with its IRS tax reporting requirements and continues to provide the service that you expect and deserve.