Protection of Your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) – Overview (Part 1 of 2)

TO:             All RCUH Employees

FROM:       Nelson Sakamoto

                   Director of Human Resources




SUBJECT: Protection of your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) – Overview (Part 1 of 2)




Recently, you may have heard or read in the news of unscrupulous people obtaining people’s personal and financial records to open fraudulent accounts or conduct other illegal activities.  The purpose of this two-part memo is to inform you of our ongoing efforts to safeguard your personal/confidential information and records. Part I will give you some tips on how to protect your PII. Part II will inform you of RCUH’s encrypted email process.




What is Personal Identifiable Information (PII)?


PII is confidential information or any data that can identify/trace an individual’s identity, such as your full name, social security number, date and place of birth, street address, phone number, mother’s maiden name, etc.




What is Phishing?


Phishing is an attempt to acquire sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, and PII.  It is identity theft and a scam typically carried out by unsolicited emails and/or websites that pose as legitimate sites and lure unsuspecting victims to provide sensitive information.



The RCUH Human Resources Department will never initiate a request for PII over the phone or email.



Tips to Protect your PII from Phishing:




  • Do not share personal information over the phone or online unless you have initiated the contact.
  • Shred all documents with PII you no longer need instead of throwing them away.
  • Create a strong password when accessing online systems.  Do not share your User ID or password.
  • Look for “https://” at the beginning of the website you are accessing.  The “s” signifies that the website is secure.

Be cautious of emails and email attachments.  Inspect the email address of the sender to make sure that it is from a legitimate source.  For example, we are aware of someone posing as the IRS and are sending emails from “”, but a hover over the email address will show that it is from another address.



What to do if you receive a request for PII from RCUH?


As stated above, the RCUH Human Resources Department will NOT request for your PII over the phone or email.  If you receive unsolicited or suspicious emails or phone calls requesting for PII and claiming to be from RCUH Human Resources Department, please call the RCUH Human Resources Department at (808) 956-3100 or email at [email protected].  For immediate assistance, please refer to the contacts below:




Benefits:             (808) 956-6979


Employment:      (808) 956-7307


Immigration:       (808) 956-0871


Payroll:               (808) 956-7239