RCUH – UNUM Group Long Term Care Initiative for Eligible Family Members

TO:               All Eligible Employees and Family members of The Research Corporation of the

                     University of Hawaii (RCUH)


FROM:         RCUH Human Resources


SUBJECT:     RCUH – UNUM Group Long Term Care Initiative for Eligible Family Members

At RCUH, certain eligible employees are entitled to Long Term Care (LTC) benefits through RCUH’s group long term care policy with UNUM Life Insurance Company of America.  This notice is a reminder that eligible family members can also purchase a UNUM LTC policy under the group plan with the same discounted rates that are offered to employees.  This LTC policy is owned by the individual (not the RCUH) and will only be terminated upon request or due to non-payment of premium.


Immediate family members of the covered employee are eligible to enroll in a plan.  According to UNUM contract wording, “Family Members” are defined as:

·       Parents & In-Laws – the natural, adoptive or step-parents/grandparents of an Active Employee and their spouse;

·       Siblings – the natural, adoptive or step-siblings of an Active Employee and their spouse;

·       Children – the natural, adoptive or step-children of an Active Employee and their spouse;

·       Spouse – the legally married spouse of an Active Employee

Also, family members must be at least 18 years of age.


Each enrolling family member must submit a Family Benefit Election Form and Evidence of Insurability Form.  The Evidence of Insurability form is a short medical history questionnaire; it does not require a physical exam or physician statement.  The insurance company has the right to deny enrollment based on this information, however interested parties are encouraged to submit an application, as there is no application fee.



The cost of the monthly premium is determined by the coverage selected and age of member enrolling.  Example coverage options include:

·       100% Professional Home Care

·       100% Total Home Care

·       Compound Inflation (cost of living adjustment)

·       Monthly benefit amounts ranging anywhere from $1000/month – $6000/month

·       Benefit durations of 3 years, 6 years or Unlimited

Monthly premiums are billed directly from UNUM and paid directly to UNUM.  Spousal coverage may be payroll deducted from employee’s wages.



Call our insurance consultants directly to receive further information, get a quote, or to start the enrollment process:


Employee Benefit Consulting, LLC

Lachelle Rodrigues, GBA

ph: 808-534-7331

Email: [email protected]


Employee Benefit Consulting, LLC

Joni Tamayo-Wilson

ph: 808-534-7329

Email: [email protected]




RCUH Human Resources