Update to RCUH’s Micro-Purchase Threshold and Simplified Acquisition Threshold for Federal Contract Funds

Effective October 23, 2020, RCUH’s micro-purchase threshold (MPT) for purchases made using federal contract funds is increasing from $3,500 to $10,000. The MPT for federal contract funds is being raised to meet the $10,000 MPT for all other funds (e.g., federal grant and cooperative agreement funds, non-federal funds), because the $10,000 threshold was recently adopted by the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). The $10,000 MPT amount now applies to all types of funds.

Revisions to the MPT have been made in the following policies/documents:
• Policy 2.103 Request for Quotation (Sections I.A.; I.B.)
• Policy 2.106 Sole Source Purchase (Introduction; Section I.D.1.)
• Policy 2.107 Exempt Purchase (Introduction)
• Policy 2.110 Cost or Price Reasonableness (Sections II.A.; II.B.1.)
• Policy 2.201 Purchase Orders (Sections II.D.)
• Attachment 28 Procurement Checklist

Also effective October 23, 2020, the simplified acquisition threshold (SAT) for requirements in Policy 2.111, is being increased from $150,000 to $250,000 for federal contract funds, as the $250,000 amount has also been adopted by the FAR. The policy is now entitled, “2.111 Purchases Over $250,000 (Federal Funds)”. The $250,000 SAT amount now applies to all types of federal funds.

Questions may be directed to Erin Yoda, RCUH Procurement and Disbursing Manager, at [email protected].