RCUH HR IMPORTANT: Vacation Forfeiture (if applicable) – Plan Now to Avoid Losing Accrued Vacation Hours

Per RCUH’s Vacation Leave Policy (3.620 IV.,B.,12) Vacation Forfeiture states: “All vacation hours exceeding the maximum carry-over of an employee’s applicable vacation plan will be forfeited on December 31st of the plan year.”  The “plan year” is January 1st to December 31st.  As of today (Thursday, October 27) there are five pay periods left (including the current pay period) to accrue and use your vacation hours before the Vacation Forfeiture action.

The project’s Principal Investigator (PI) have been supplied with reports of employees that may face a year-end vacation forfeiture. The PI reports include/account for accrual calculations through the end of the year. It is recommended that PIs meet with employees who may be forfeiting vacation hours to plan ahead. 

Maximum Carry-Over Hours Depends on the Employee’s Vacation Plan:

  • Vacation Plan A: Up to a total maximum carry-over of 10 workdays (*80 hours based on 100% FTE)
  • Vacation Plan B: Each plan year you may carry-over not more 15 workdays (*120 hours based on 100% FTE), but may carry-over a total maximum accumulated total or 45 workdays (*360 hours based on 100% FTE)
    (*Hours are prorated if less than 100% FTE.)

December 31, 2022 Vacation Forfeiture Hours:  Vacation Forfeiture Hours are any unused accrued vacation hours as of the close of business on December 31, 2022 exceeding the total maximum carry-over hours of Vacation Plan A or Vacation Plan B, whichever applies to you. 

How to find your Vacation Plan and Accrued Vacation Balance: 

Option 1: Log into Employee Self-Service (ESS). Go to the left navigation bar and select Payroll and Compensation > View Pay Statement.

Select the most recent Pay Statement. Look at the lower left side of the pay statement and you will see a box labeled VAC HOURS and your plan will be listed under LEAVE PLAN. The “End Balance” is your current balance of accrued vacation hours as of October 15, 2022. Please keep in mind that if eligible, you will still accrue vacation leave for five pay periods this calendar year prior to the forfeiture action. For example, employees at 100% FTE will accrue an additional 35 hours.

Option 2: Log into Employee Self-Service (ESS). Go to the left navigation bar and select Benefits > Benefits Summary.

Under Plan Description it will show your Vacation Plan and current balance of accrued vacation hours.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

RCUH Employee Benefits

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (808) 956-2326 or (808) 956-6979