Remittance Information Section on Payment Forms

On Monday, September 11, 2017, the payment forms will be updated with the following new features: The Remittance Information section will be permanently expanded. An Invoice/Reference number and amount will be required. A new field for Customer Account/Comment (some vendors, like FedEx and Xerox, provide a customer account number along with an invoice number). Financial … Continue reading “Remittance Information Section on Payment Forms”

2.702 Direct Vendor Payments (AFP Form)

Download Research Corporationof the University of Hawai‘i2.702 Direct Vendor Payments (AFP Form)Payments of $25,000 or more require RCUH approval.I. Details of PolicyA. The following direct-vendor payments may be made on an AFP Form:1. Payments which are not subject to normal procurement requirements/procedures:a. USPS and public utility charges (e.g., Hawaiian Telcom, Board of Water Supply, Hawaiian … Continue reading “2.702 Direct Vendor Payments (AFP Form)”