Fiscal Year-End June 30, 2016

To:     Principal Investigators, Fiscal Administrators/Designated UH Officials   Important Dates: June 30 Last Check Run for FY 2016 (Payments must be approved by 12 noon) July 6 RCUH Financial System scheduled to reopen July 6 First Check Run for FY 2017 (4:00 PM) On-line payment and purchasing transactions must be approved by fiscal administrators by … Continue reading “Fiscal Year-End June 30, 2016”

Request for Project Photos

Dear Project PIs and Coordinators, RCUH would like to feature RCUH projects on our website, publications, and/or other collateral, but need your assistance to do so.  See the RCUH Annual Report (pages 11-12) for an example of how projects have been presented.  Two items are needed:  photos and a completed information form—see guidelines below for … Continue reading “Request for Project Photos”

RCUH Financial System Modernized User Interface, Announcement No. 7 – Search All Documents

Search All Documents has been added as a new feature in the RCUH Financial Portal. This new feature provides the ability to perform a search that looks at all Purchasing, Payment, and Travel documents combined in one search. It also provides the ability to search (by words, number, etc.) within certain fields in the documents. … Continue reading “RCUH Financial System Modernized User Interface, Announcement No. 7 – Search All Documents”

Policy Updates: Authorization for Payment (AFP) Form and Cash Reimbursement

Policies 2.702 and 2.703 have been updated and renamed as follows: Policy 2.702 Direct Vendor Payments (AFP Form), previously named Purchases for Routine Services – Authorization for Payment Form Policy 2.703 Employee Business Expense Reimbursements (AFP Form), previously named Optional Procedures for Small Purchase – Reimbursement for Cash Purchases Form RCUH has discontinued the Employee … Continue reading “Policy Updates: Authorization for Payment (AFP) Form and Cash Reimbursement”

On-Line Approval Process

We are seeking your input on a possible change to the financial system on-line approval process. Currently, many Secondary Users (SU) create a transaction on behalf of a PI. In some instances, the PI has provided approval authority to the SU to “Submit to FA”, which transmits the transaction to the FA for action. In … Continue reading “On-Line Approval Process”