UH VPRI Memo on Mgmt of UH/RCUH Service Ordered Projects

Please see the attached memo from UH Vice President Syrmos relating to the management of serviced ordered projects to RCUH.  The University has also revised the service order form, effective 2/1/17, which is available on the UH ORS website.

Legal Professional Services Awards – Fiscal Year 2017

  The following is added to the award listed in the September 20, 2016 General Announcement. Project Title To provide legal services related to employment law, to the RCUH Corporate Office. Selected Consultant Barry W. Marr, Esq. (Marr Jones & Wang LLP) Contract Amount $50,000.00 Date of Award January 4, 2017 Consultants Considered Newton Chu … Continue reading “Legal Professional Services Awards – Fiscal Year 2017”

RCUH Vendor Record File Maintenance

As part of RCUH’s continuing efforts to streamline and maintain accurate vendor record data, vendor records that have not been utilized since December 31, 2014 and are outdated and/or missing required information have been removed from the online RCUH vendor listing.  If you are unable to locate a vendor in the RCUH Financial Portal that … Continue reading “RCUH Vendor Record File Maintenance”