Outstanding Employee of the Year Nominees for 2009

Thank you to all Principal Investigators for taking the time to think of that special employee who has made a significant contribution to their  project in the year 2009. 


Congratulations to the following nominees and their Principal Investigators!


College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

Center on the Family

Group Nomination:  Learning to Grow Team

(Mary Ann Nemoto, Traci Hisatake, Wendy Chang, Angela Choy)

Nominated by Dr. Grace Fong


College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Management

Farhat Abbas, Assistant Researcher

Nominated by Dr. Ali Fares


Curriculum Research and Development Group (CRDG)

Byron Inouye, Sr. LT Digital Arts Designer

Nominated by Dr. Donald Young, Dr. Kathleen Berg


Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, Marine Mammal Research Program

Marlee Breese, MMRP Research Specialist

Nominated by Dr. Paul Nachtigall


Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary (HIHWNMS)

Christine Brammer, HIHWNMS Programs Coordinator

Edward Lyman, Marine Mammal Response Manager

Nominated by Naomi McIntosh


Joint Astronomy Centre

Ingeborg Heyer, Public Information Officer

Nominated by Dr. Gary Davis


Maui Community College, Ku’ina Program

Misti Furomoto, Ku’ina Program Support Assistant

Eden Koljord, High School Career Liaison

Nominated by Alvin Tagomori


Maui Community College, Maui Oral Health Center

Cindy Nakamura, Dental Assistant

Donna Harty, Registered Dental Hygienist

Nominated by Nancy Johnson


Maui High Performance Computing Center

Group Nomination: MHPCC Systems Engineering and Networking Group

(Lance Terada, Mark Payba, Stephen Gima, Jonathan Dann,

Bradley Thomas, Nilesh Patel, Mary Ann Ciuffini)

Nominated by Eugene Bal III


Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit

Trevor Joyce, PCSU Avian Research Technician

Nominated by Dr. David Duffy


Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

Marlene Nonaka, NWHI Fiscal Administrator

Nominated by Aulani Wilhelm


School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry

Michelle Horton, Telepsychiatry Program Administrator

Nominated by Dr. Iwalani Else


Stephanie Martin, Addictions Research Nurse/Program Manager

Gregory Ewing, PARC Clinical Study Facilitator

Nominated by Dr. William Haning III


Group Nomination: Asian/Pacific Islander Youth Violence Prevention Center

(Jeanelle Sugimoto-Matsuda, Tai-An Miao, Fa’apisa Soli, Davis Rehuher, Ami Scronce,

Georgine Perez, Deanna Gonda, Randy Bautista, Karla Filibeck, Shantel Wilcox)

Nominated by Dr. Earl Hishinuma


School of Ocean & Earth Science & Technology

Department of Oceanography

Suzanne DeFelice, Analytical/Laboratory Researcher

Nominated by Dr. Paul Bienfang


School of Ocean & Earth Science & Technology

Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research

Kyle Koyanagi, JIMAR Marine Debris Operations Manager

Jason Philibotte, JIMAR PIRO Sr. Coral Reef Resource Management Specialist

Nominated by Dr. Thomas Schroeder


Subaru Telescope

Naoyuki Tamura, Subaru Instrument Scientist (FMOS Commissioning)

Group Nomination: Subaru Telescope Bilingual Administration Assistant Team

(Noriko Roth, Sumiko Yoshida, Yuka Niimi, Wakako Nakano)

Nominated by Dr. Masahiko Hayashi



If you submitted a nomination and your nominee is not listed above please call Sharon Tamanaha at 808-956-6965 as soon as possible.


An awards luncheon to honor these outstanding employees will be held on Friday, February 26, 2010, 11:00 a.m. at the Japanese Culture Center of Hawaii.  Everyone is invited