eJV System and Change in NTE Procedures

TO:  Principal Investigators and Fiscal Officers


RCUH Policy 3.232 – Funding of Positions: Principal Investigators and Fiscal Officers are responsible to ensure all RCUH employee payroll and fringe benefit expenses are charged accurately to the applicable valid project account.  This requires an accurate allocation of these expenses and as necessary, initiating timely actions such as project account transfers.  This maintains fiscal accountability and ensures that all payroll/fringe benefits costs are adequately funded and charged to the applicable project account.  


NTE Notices: The RCUH Human Resources Department sends out Not-to-Exceed (NTE) notifications advising Principal Investigators and Fiscal Officers of upcoming project account expirations.  These NTE notices serve as reminders to FO’s that they must take appropriate action (i.e., extend project’s end date, transfer employees to another valid account or terminate employment) since there are RCUH payroll/fringe benefit expenses being charged to these expiring project accounts.   The RCUH’s online Human Resources (HRAMP) system provides Fiscal Officers with a means to initiate timely project account changes.  We rely on PI’s and FO’s to utilize these reminders to take appropriate action to ensure RCUH employees’ payroll/fringe benefit charges are on valid project accounts.  Therefore, we encourage FO’s to utilize the NTE notices and to take timely and appropriate actions.


Change in NTE Notification Process: Effective March 15, 2010, the RCUH Human Resources Department will send three (3) NTE notifications of employees remaining on expiring project account numbers to Principal Investigators and Fiscal Officers as follows: 


(1)  At 30-days prior to the project’s expiration date (two pay periods prior to expiration)


(2)  At 15-days prior to the project’s expiration date (final pay period prior to expiration)


(3)  FINAL NOTICE – As of project account’s expiration date.


“eJV system” — If you need to make a retroactive project account change:

In 2009, the RCUH launched a new online electronic journal voucher system (aka: “eJV System”) to provide FO’s an online means to initiate retroactive adjustments and corrections. The eJV system provides the FO with a very effective means to make complex retroactive changes/corrections.  However, retroactive changes/corrections should be avoided to minimize additional work on the PI, FO, and RCUH.


For more information on the NTE and/or eJV processes, or if you have any questions concerning this notice, please do not hesitate to contact our Payroll staff at [email protected].