Pay Guidelines for FY 2010-2011

 TO:         Principal Investigators & Fiscal Officers, RCUH Project Administrators, RCUH Regular Status Employees

FROM:     Nelson Sakamoto, RCUH Director of Human Resources

For budgetary and planning purposes, this memo is being provided to you in advance, to inform you of the RCUH Pay Increase Guidelines for FY 2010-2011.


General Pay Adjustment:  Despite our difficult economic conditions, Principal Investigators may need to provide salary adjustments to employees performing at least at a Satisfactory level to ensure retention, equity or other compelling justifications.  Principal Investigators may provide eligible employees with a one-time payment (e.g., lump sum) General Adjustment of up to 3.5% contingent upon sufficient funding and appropriate justification.  If a PI decides to provide a one-time General Adjustment, he/she must provide the same adjustment to all other eligible employees working for that project.


Merit Increase Adjustment:  Principal Investigators may provide a Merit Increase to employees whose performance is consistently above Satisfactory and has made significant contributions to the project.  Principal Investigators may chose to provide a one-time payment (e.g., lump sum) or an increase to the employee’s base pay of up to 5% to eligible employees.


Effective Date

General Adjustment

(based on Satisfactory performance and required due to retention, equity or other compelling reasons)


Increase Adjustment




One-time payment of up to 3.5%

of base salary


Up to 5%


One-time payment of up to 5% of base salary


* Pay Adjustments are subject to approval of the Principal Investigator and Fiscal Officer.  Employees must also meet established eligibility requirements to qualify for the pay adjustments.


More information relating to Annual Performance Evaluations will be released next month.  Please stay tuned to our “Current News” section of our website.