The Resource

Volume 13 Issue 10
October 22, 2010


CHANGES to Medical Expense Reimbursement Flexible Spending Plan Accounts

Effective January 1, 2011, Over-the-Counter (OTC) drugs must be prescribed by a physician to be considered an eligible expense.  If you have any questions about what is an eligible expense, please call Benefit Services of Hawaii, Inc (BSHI) at (808) 538-8900 or visit the BSHI website at BSHI will be sending participants a Quarterly Year-to-Date Balance Statement in November 2010 reminding participants of this change. For more information regarding this change, go to the Health Care Reform Bill website at  

The end of the year is approaching quickly.  Per the RCUH Policy 3.620 for Vacation Leave (see summary below) any Excess vacation will be forfeited on January 1, 2011.  Excess vacation is any vacation hours over the allowable carryover amount.  Employees who may be subject to losing vacation on January 1, 2011 were sent a courtesy notice from our office on October 4, 2010.  To avoid forfeiture of your earned vacation, be sure to plan your vacation schedule for the rest of the year.  Remember…your Principal Investigator (or supervisor) must approve your request for time off in advance.  If you are in jeopardy of losing vacation this year, please talk to your Principal Investigator (or supervisor) immediately.  If you did not receive a notice and would like to find out what is your vacation balance, you may view the bottom of your online pay statements by accessing your Employee Self-Service accounts.  There will be NO exceptions to vacation carryover/forfeiture amounts. 


Regular employees 50-100% are eligible for vacation under RCUH Policy 3.620 Vacation Leave.  Vacation is calculated and accrued on a semi-monthly basis.  There are two vacation plans administered by the RCUH:


1)    Vacation Plan A (RCUH Standard Vacation Policy):  Under Plan A, employees may not carry forward more than 10 workdays* of vacation in a calendar year.  The maximum accumulation/carryover shall not exceed 10 workdays*. 


2)    Vacation Plan B (Non-Standard Vacation Policy):  Under Plan B, employees may carry forward 15 workdays* of current year accruals, and total accumulation (current year accruals and previous year carry over) shall not exceed 45 workdays*. 

* 1 workday equals 8 hours multiplied by your FTE (i.e., 1 workday equals 4 hours for a 50% FTE employee).


Your Vacation Plan (A or B) appears with your leave balances on your online payroll statements.  Be sure to read and understand the vacation policy and how it applies to you.  You should plan and take your vacation now in order to ensure that you do not forfeit any of your earned vacation.  If you have any questions please call (808) 956-6979 or email [email protected].



Believe it or not, the end of the year, and W-2 time, is only a couple of month away!  A few reminders:


(1)   Please take the time NOW to verify your name, mailing address and e-mail information via the RCUH Employee Self Service (ESS) system to ensure that our records are accurate.  Your name and mailing address, as it appears on ESS, is what will appear on your 2010 Wage & Tax Statement (W-2 form), and other tax forms, which will be available in January 2011.


An incorrect mailing address may cause delay in the delivery of your W-2 form.  Please remember that a $10.00 reissue fee will be assessed if another form is requested.


(2)  This year, we are planning to also have an electronic version of the 2010 W-2 forms available on the ESS system.   Please be on the lookout for more information in November.


(3)  Please review your paycheck information in ESS to make sure that your pay and TAX information is correct.  All corrections and adjustments must be posted by the 12/01 – 12/15/10 pay period (last pay period of 2010) to be reflected on your 2010 W-2 form.


(4)  Review marital status and/or withholding allowances on the W-4 form (federal withholding taxes) and HW-4 form (state withholding taxes) in ESS.  Changes to tax status and allowances can be completed at any time during the year, but too much or too little withholding during the year may result in large refunds or large “out-of-pocket” payments (often with penalties) come April.


(5)  Employees with special tax situations must renew tax documents for 2011 (e.g. W-4 exemptions, tax treaty exemptions).  Notification e-mails will be sent to applicable employees.


To access the ESS system, please click on the Employee Self-Service link located on the left side of the RCUH home page at  For questions regarding your ESS login or password, please e-mail [email protected].


Thank you for your generous contribution to the 2010 RCUH Statewide United Way campaign.  During these tough economic times your continued support and generosity has made it possible for the various united way programs to continue to meet the specific needs of Hawaii’s people through the many health and human service agencies throughout the state.  Thank you again for your continued support of this worthy cause!

IMPORTANT Dates to Remember (November):


Payroll Deadline – 12:00 noon for PE 10/31/10


HOLIDAY – General Election


Pay Day


Web Time Preview 1


PAF Deadline


HRAMP Deadline


Web Time Preview 2


HOLIDAY – Veteran’s Day


HR PeopleSoft Systems Down


Web Time Input


Payroll Deadline – 12:00 noon for PE 11/15/10


Web Time Preview 1


Pay Day


PAF Deadline


HRAMP Deadline


Web Time Preview 2


HOLIDAY – Thanksgiving Day


Web Time Input

IMPORTANT Dates to Remember (December):


Payroll Deadline – 12:00 noon for PE 11/30/10


Pay Day


Web Time Preview 1


PAF Deadline


HRAMP Deadline


Web Time Preview 2


Web Time Input


Payroll Deadline – 12:00 noon for PE 12/15/10


Web Time Preview 1


Pay Day


PAF Deadline


HRAMP Deadline


HOLIDAY – Christmas Day


Web Time Preview 2


Web Time Input


HOLIDAY – New Year’s Day

October 16-31

November 1-15

November 16-30

SSE Timesheet (Form D-9c)

2010 Personnel Action & Payroll Calendar (revised 10/2010)

2010 Special Check Calendar


2011 Personnel Action & Payroll Calendar

The Principal Investigator’s Corner




RCUH is accepting nominations for its annual Outstanding Employee of the Year Awards Program from now through November 19, 2010.


This awards program is to encourage, recognize, and reward RCUH employees who have made demonstrable, significant and outstanding contributions to their project during the previous year.

Any Regular RCUH employee or groups of RCUH employees are eligible for the program.  Principal Investigators may submit up to two nominations (either individual employee or group of individuals) per category.  If a Principal Investigator has more than two nominations per category, they will need to determine which are the best two nominations to submit to the RCUH Human Resources Department.


2 NOMINATION CATEGORIES (Maximum of 2 nominees per category):


1.  Outstanding Researcher/Project Manager/Professional (Exempt status position)

2.  Outstanding Project Support Staff (Non-Exempt status position)


Click here for the nomination form


For more information on the program, please refer to policy 3.450 Outstanding Employee of the Year Award.


DEADLINE to submit nomination(s):  November 19, 2010


The 2010 Outstanding Employee of the Year Awards Luncheon will be held on Friday,

February 25, 2011.



The year has flown by again and we are rapidly approaching the end of another year!  A few notices and reminders:


(1)  Pay period ending 11/15/10:  Online timesheet input days –  11/15/10 and 11/16/10 (until 12:00 noon) only


Due to an upgrade to the PeopleSoft system, the RCUH Human Resources Administrative Management Portal (HR AMP) online timesheets will NOT be available from Friday, November 12, 2010 as originally scheduled.  The online timesheets will be available for input starting from 8:00am on Monday, November 15, 2010 until 12:00 noon on Tuesday, November 16, 2010.  Payroll deadline remains at 12:00 noon on Tuesday, November 16, 2010.


Please click here for the revised RCUH 2010 Human Resources Personnel Action and Payroll Calendar and the HR Personnel Action and Payroll Schedule.  The revised version is also being posted on the RCUH website at


(2)  Pay period ending 12/31/10:  Online timesheet input days –  12/28/10 through 12:00 noon on 1/03/11


The 2011 New Year’s Holiday is being observed on Friday, December 31, 2010.  As such, we are able to extend the payroll deadline for pay period ending 12/31/10 to 12:00 noon on Monday, January 3, 2011.  The HR AMP online timesheets will be available for input from Tuesday, December 28, 2010 through 12:00 noon on January 3, 2011.


All other deadlines for the pay period will remain as is.  Please click here for the RCUH 2011 Human Resources Personnel Action and Payroll Calendar and the HR Personnel Action and Payroll Schedule.  It is also being posted on the RCUH website at


(3)  Review pay records to ensure that the employees’ 2010 payroll has been submitted correctly.  All payroll corrections and adjustments must be posted by the 12/01 – 12/15/10 pay period (last pay period in 2010) to ensure that the employees’ W-2 information is accurate.


If a correction is required, please submit the employee’s corrected Employee Time/Leave Certification form and a signed memo of explanation to the RCUH Payroll Office at [email protected] (scan and email) or 956-5022 (fax).  The RCUH payroll staff will process the correction with the next regular payroll processing.  Please note that there are only 4 more pay periods remaining in 2010.


If a HR AMP transaction or Personnel Action Form is required for the correction, the necessary transaction or paperwork must be submitted by the appropriate deadlines.  The last PAF deadline for the year is Wednesday, December 9, 2010.


(4)  Finally, please schedule vacation time for your employees who are in danger of forfeiture by 12/31/10.  The vacation forfeitures will be processed as of 1/01/11.


Should you have any inquiries, please contact the RCUH Payroll staff at [email protected].