Revised Human Resources Policies & Procedures

Due to increasing concerns of disclosure of personal and confidential information and misuse of electronic communications, the RCUH is updating effective immediately two Human Resources Policies as follows:

Policy #3.940 “Destruction of Personal Information” will be renamed to “Use, Security and Destruction of Sensitive Information.”   In addition to information relating to the destruction of personal information, the revised policy will include guidelines on the proper use and security of such information.  The revised policy will provide clarification on who is subject to the policy, and includes information on annual reporting requirements.

Policy #3.480 Electronic Communications Policy previously applied to the RCUH Core Staff offices only.  However, effective immediately, this policy will apply to ALL RCUH employees regardless of employment category and FTE.  It is important that all Principal Investigators and RCUH employees review and comply with this important policy and related procedures.

In addition, all employees will be required to sign the attached acknowledgement form (Confidentiality Requirements for Personal identifiable Information Acknowledgement Form) and return to the RCUH Human Resources Office to be placed in their personnel file.   Training will be announced in the coming weeks.  Should you have any questions, please contact Nelson Sakamoto at (808) 956-3100 or via email to [email protected]