RCUH Employees who Submit Time for their Projects

A recent incident has brought to light the importance of internal controls being practiced when submitting time on the RCUH online timesheets.


To ensure that sufficient checks and balances are being enforced, RCUH Payroll will be conducting a more extensive audit of RCUH employees submitting their own HR AMP online timesheets.


Attention –  RCUH Employee Timekeepers:


RCUH employees who approve, on behalf of their Principal Investigators, the HR AMP online timesheets that include their own timesheets, must now submit the following:


(1)        Copy of the employee’s Employee Time/Leave Certification Form approved by the Principal Investigator or designee (as stated in the HR AMP procedures)




(2)        Print screen of the Pay Earnings panel of the HR AMP online timesheet that includes their own timesheet approved by the Principal Investigator’s or designee’s signature.   If Other Earnings and Special Earnings were entered, please also include the print screen of these panels also.


Please forward the above documents for the 4/16 – 4/30/11 pay period to RCUH Payroll via scan/email to rcuh_payroll @rcuh.com or fax to 808-956-5022 by Monday, May 9.  Documents for subsequent pay periods are due by the respective paydays.


If you are not actually submitting the HR AMP online timesheets even though your electronic signature appears on the timesheets, please advise who this duty has been delegated to.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].