The Resource

Volume 14 Issue 5

May 20, 2011




…to utilize your current Flexible Spending Plan Accounts (Medical Expense Reimbursement & Dependent Care Expense Accounts).  The end of the current Flexible Spending Plan Year is quickly approaching (June 30, 2011).  Services must be incurred during the plan year ending June 30, 2011.   Unused contributions will be forfeited at the end of the plan year (NO EXCEPTIONS).  You may contact Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC) at (800) 422-4661 or login to your account at to obtain an updated status of your account.  We urge all employees to submit their reimbursement forms to TASC in a timely manner.  Although services MUST be incurred by June 30, 2011, you have 90 days after this date to submit reimbursement forms with ALL supporting documentation (ex. receipts, contracts) for reimbursement of Flexible Spending monies.  DO NOT WAIT until the end of the 90-day grace period to submit your reimbursement forms!!!



The 2011 Benefits Open Enrollment Period for eligible RCUH employees has ended.  Employees should be receiving a benefits confirmation statement outlining their elections (effective July 1, 2011) on/around May 31, 2011.  Please review the benefits listed on the statement for accuracy.  Corrections to your benefits can be made on the “RCUH Open Enrollment Correction/Change Form” on the back of the confirmation statement.  The deadline to submit the Correction/Change Form to the RCUH Human Resources office will be Wednesday, June 8, 2011. 


Please note that the new plan year health insurance deductions will begin in the June 16-30, 2011 pay period.  All other new plan year deductions will commence in the July 1-15, 2011 pay period (Flexible Spending Plans & Supplemental Insurances). 


Please check your On-line Payroll Statements (via Employee Self-Service) to ensure that the deductions accurately reflect your elections.



All foreign employees are required to notify RCUH Human Resources of any changes to employment and/or personal status that may or may not affect their visa or work authorization. It is ultimately the foreign employee’s responsibility to ensure that these changes do not affect their ability to continue employment with the RCUH.



  • Employees on J-1 or H-1B visas sponsored by the RCUH must contact Janet Zukemura at (808) 956-0871 or [email protected] if you intend to travel outside the U.S.  We ask that you provide us at least a 2-week notice prior to travel so that we may ensure that you have the proper documentation to return to the U.S.


  • Non-immigrant employees who have a pending “change of status” petition (i.e., change from F-1 to H-1B, etc.) with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) must remain in the U.S. until a determination on the petition is rendered.  Whenever an individual with a pending “change of status” petition leaves the U.S., USCIS will cancel the petition since they consider the alien to have “abandoned” the request.


Please contact Janet Zukemura at [email protected] or (808) 956-0871 if you have any questions.


All RCUH Student Assistants employees are responsible for submitting a Student Verification each semester in order to qualify for continued student employment.  For all University of Hawaii students (eg: UH Manoa, UH Hilo, Honolulu Community College, Maui College, etc.), verification is not required, as RCUH has the ability to verify student status electronically through a UH database.  However, verification is still needed for UH Outreach College and non-UH Schools (i.e. High School, Chaminade, HPU, etc).


The following are acceptable forms of student verification:

a) Student registration or receipt

b) Letter of student registration from the registrar or counselor

c) Validated student I.D. card

d) Any other form of verification deemed acceptable by the Director of Human Resources


Continuation of student employment:

Project/Student must submit a Student Verification for the Fall 2011 semester by August 31, 2011.  Failure to submit student verification by the indicated deadline will result in termination of student employment.


Employment during summer break for current active employees: 

Student assistants who are currently enrolled for the Fall 2011 and are NOT taking any classes during the summer, are eligible to work up to 40 hours per week. 


Termination of student employment:

Student Assistants who no longer hold a student status must be terminated from RCUH due to their ineligibility (i.e. student graduation). Principal Investigators must initiate a termination action via the HRAP system by May 24, 2011.


Please contact Sharon Vong at [email protected] or (808)956-7307 if you have any questions.


Federal law requires that there be no discrimination against any employee or applicant for employment because of the individual’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability with respect to hiring, promotion, firing, compensation, or other terms, conditions or privileges of employment (see 3.110 RCUH Equal Employment Opportunity Policy). Federal law also prohibits retaliation against any employee who files a charge of discrimination or who cooperates with the EEOC’s investigation of a charge. The EEOC is committed to protecting employees who file charges, who complain about discrimination or who are witnesses during an investigation including, if necessary, further court proceedings. It is the policy of the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii to provide an impartial and complete investigation of any charge of discrimination filed with the EEOC. Furthermore, it is the policy of the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii to provide full disclosure to the Charging Party involved of any investigation filed with the RCUH, the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission or EEOC. If you wish to report an instance(s) of discrimination, please contact Nelson M. Sakamoto, Director of Human Resources at (808) 956-3100.

The RCUH Sexual Harassment Policy ( Human Resources Policy 3.120) ensures everyone can work with security, dignity, and freedom from sexual harassment. Sexual Harassment is illegal under the Civil Rights of 1964. An employee who feels he/she is a victim of sexual harassment should contact his/her immediate supervisor, project manager, Principal Investigator, or the RCUH Director of Human Resources (956-3100 or [email protected]). The complainant shall complete the EEO Complaint Form (see RCUH Human Resources Policy 3.110 attachment 2). All complaints received will be kept confidential. All complaints received regarding the employee’s supervisor, project manager or Principal Investigator should be reported to the RCUH Director of Human Resources immediately.

IMPORTANT Dates to Remember (June):


Payroll Deadline – 12:00 noon for PE 5/31/11


Web Time Preview 1


Pay Day


PAF Deadline


HRAMP Deadline


Web Time Preview 2


HOLIDAY – King Kamehameha Day


Web Time Input


Payroll Deadline – 12:00 noon for PE 6/15/11


Pay Day


Web Time Preview 1


PAF Deadline


HRAMP Deadline


Web Time Preview 2


Web Time Input

IMPORTANT Dates to Remember (July):


Payroll Deadline – 12:00 noon for PE 6/30/11


HOLIDAY – Independence Day


Pay Day


Web Time Preview 1


PAF Deadline


HRAMP Deadline


Web Time Preview 2


Web Time Input


Payroll Deadline – 12:00 noon for PE 7/15/11


Web Time Preview 1


PAF Deadline


HRAMP Deadline


Web Time Preview 2


Web Time Input

May 16-31

June 1-15

June 16-30

SSE Timesheet (Form D-9c)

2011 Personnel Action & Payroll Calendar

2011 Special Check Calendar



The Principal Investigator’s Corner



Summer is the busiest season for the RCUH Human Resources Department. In addition to being our peak hiring season, it also coincides with our Benefit Open Enrollment, Fiscal Year End, Annual Performance Evaluations and Pay Increases.

In anticipation of the peak hiring season, we ask all Principal Investigators and Project Administrators to review and adhere to the deadlines below to ensure that all hires are reviewed and approved without delay. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance.

Selections for Regular Hires: minimum of 10 business days before target date of hire

Non-Recruited Hires (Temporary, Specialized Service, Student Assistants, and Intermittent hire): minimum 7 business days before target date of hire

Group Hires (6 or more employees): minimum of 15 business days before target date of hire

Missing documents pertaining to the selection and/or incomplete new hire documents may cause the hire date to be delayed.  A formal offer of employment is made by the Principal Investigator only AFTER receiving approval to hire from the RCUH Human Resources Department. Hire dates will be confirmed by our office via email.  All new hires & rehires are NOT approved to start working until their hire date has been confirmed by the RCUH Human Resources Office.


Please contact Sharon Vong at [email protected] or 956-7307 if you have any questions.