Current TASC Flexible Spending Participants (Plan Year 07/01/10 – 06/30/11)

As a final reminder, the end of the current Flexible Spending Plan Year (Medical Expense Reimbursement & Dependent Care Expense Accounts) is June 30, 2011.  Services must be incurred during the plan year ending June 30, 2011 and any unused contributions will be forfeited at the end of the plan year (NO EXCEPTIONS).  To obtain an updated status of your account or additional reimbursement forms, contact Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC) at 1-800-422-4661 or log onto the TASC website at  We urge all employees to submit their reimbursement forms to TASC in a timely manner. 


Although services MUST be incurred by June 30, 2011, you have 90 days after this date to submit your reimbursement forms with ALL supporting documentation (ex. receipts, contracts) for reimbursement of your Flexible Spending monies.  We will be switching our Flexible Spending Third-Party Administrator (TPA) effective July 1, 2011 to National Benefit Services (NBS).  Reimbursement requests (submitted after June 30, 2011 should be sent directly to NBS:

Mail:    National Benefit Services, LLC.

P.O. Box 6980

West Jordan, UT 84084

Fax:    (800) 478 – 1528

Email: [email protected] (PDF, TIFF or JPEG files only)


Reimbursement claim forms will be available after July 1st on the RCUH website for your convenience.  You may also contact NBS at (888) 353-9125 if you have any questions.   DO NOT WAIT until the end of the 90-day grace period to submit your reimbursement forms.


Additionally, although the Pre-Tax Parking Transportation contributions are not forfeited at the end of each plan year, all parking reimbursement requests should also be submitted to NBS effective July 1, 2011.