The Resource – HR Newsletter26 WORKING DAYS TO “USE or LOSE” VACATION

The Resource

Volume 14, Issue 11
November 22, 2011


The end of the year is fast approaching with only 26 working days remaining.  RCUH’s Vacation Policy allows for only a limited amount of hours to be carried over into the next year.  The number of hours depends on which vacation plan you are on, Vacation Plan A or Vacation Plan B.  You have up to the last working day in December (12/30/2011) to use any “excess vacation hours” or risk forfeiting these hours. 


As of the pay period ending November 15, 2011, there were 1,256 employees who were still in jeopardy of forfeiting a portion of their vacation leave balances.   If you are one of these employees, you should have received a Vacation Reminder Notice on November 18, 2011, which noted the excess vacation hours.  If these hours are not used on/before December 30, they will be FORFEITED (NO EXCEPTIONS).  If you are in jeopardy of losing vacation this year, talk to your Principal Investigator (or supervisor) immediately. 


If you believe that you will be forfeiting hours this year, but did not receive a vacation reminder notice via email on November 18, 2011 OR if you have any other questions regarding the vacation forfeiture process, please contact Dayna Tsue at [email protected] or Jill Niitani at [email protected].


All RCUH Students Assistants employees are responsible for submitting a Student Verification each Semester in order to qualify for continued student employment. For all University of Hawaii students (eg: UH Manoa, UH Hilo, Honolulu Community College, Maui College, etc.), verification is not required, as RCUH has the ability to verify student status´ electronically through a UH database. However, verification is still needed for UH Outreach College and non-UH Schools (i.e. High School, Chaminade, HPU, etc).


The following are acceptable forms of student verification:

a) Student registration or receipt

b) Letter of student registration from the registrar or counselor

c) Validated student I.D. card

d) Any other form of verification deemed acceptable by the Director of Human Resources


Continuation of student employment:  Project/Student must submit a Student Verification for Spring 2012 semester by January 23, 2012.  Failure to submit student verification by the indicated deadline will result in termination of student employment.


Termination of student employment:  Student Assistants who no longer hold a student status must be terminated from RCUH due to their ineligibility (i.e. student graduation). Principal Investigators must initiate a termination action via the HRAMP system by December 22, 2011.


Please contact Sharon Vong at [email protected] or (808)956-7307 if you have any questions.



(1)  Update Personal Information:


Take the time NOW to verify your name, mailing address and e-mail information on the RCUH Employee Self Service (ESS) system to ensure that your information is accurate.


An incorrect email address may prevent you from receiving important information about electronic W-2 forms available on the ESS.


An incorrect mailing address may cause delay in the delivery of paper W-2 forms.  A $10.00 reissue fee will be assessed if another form is requested (no exceptions).


Deadline to update personal information on ESS:  Tuesday, January 10, 2012


ESS blackout periods (when changes to personal information are NOT allowed) for the remainder of 2011 is:


      11/28/11 – 12/05/11

      12/13/11 – 12/20/11

      12/27/11 – 1/04/12


(2)  Review 2011 Pay and Tax Information:


Review your paycheck information on ESS to make sure that your 2011 pay and tax information is correct.  All corrections and adjustments must be posted by the 12/01 – 12/15/11 pay period (last pay period in 2011) to be reflected on your 2011 W-2 form.  Please report any discrepancies to your Principal Investigator and/or Project Administrator.


Deadline to request for pay or tax adjustments:  Monday, December 12, 2011


IMPORTANT Dates to Remember (December):


Payroll Deadline – 12:00 noon for PE 11/30/11


Pay Day


Web Time Preview 1


PAF Deadline


Web Time Preview 2


HRAMP Deadline


Web Time Input


Payroll Deadline – 12:00 noon for PE 12/15/11


Web Time Preview 1


Pay Day


PAF Deadline


HRAMP Deadline


Web Time Preview 2


HOLIDAY – Christmas Day


Web Time Input


Payroll Deadline – 12:00 noon for PE 12/31/11


HOLIDAY – New Year’s Day

IMPORTANT Dates to Remember (January 2012):


HOLIDAY – New Year’s Day

1/5 – 1/9

Web Time Preview 1


Pay Day


PAF Deadline


HRAMP Deadline

1/10 – 1/11

Web Time Preview 2

1/12 – 1/13

Web Time Input


HOLIDAY – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


Payroll Deadline – 12:00 noon for PE 1/15/12


Pay Day

1/23 – 1/25

Web Time Preview 1


PAF Deadline


HRAMP Deadline

1/26 – 1/27

Web Time Preview 2

1/30 – 1/31

Web Time Input

November 16-30

December 1-15

December 16-31

SSE Timesheet (Form D-9c)

2011 Personnel Action & Payroll Calendar

2011 Special Check Calendar


2012 Personnel Action & Payroll Calendar

2012 Special Check Calendar


The Principal Investigator’s Corner


Not-To-Exceed reminder emails for projects ending in December 2011 will be the last reminder notices that RCUH Human Resources/Payroll will be sending out to Principal Investigators and Fiscal Officers of their impending expiring projects.


With the availability of the Electronic Journal Voucher (eJ/V) system on the RCUH Human Resources Administrative Management Portal (HR AMP), these notices are no longer necessary.  If employees remain on project accounts past the end dates, their payroll will continue to be processed and their salary and fringe charges posted to the expired accounts. The charges may then be transferred retroactively to other accounts using the eJ/V system if appropriate.


If there are insufficient funds in the project accounts to cover payroll and fringe benefit costs, the Principal Investigator and Fiscal Officer will be responsible for the allocation of other funds to pay the employees.


The schedule for the remaining NTE reminder notices is as follows:


11/30/11         Final Notices for projects ending 11/30/11

15-Day Notices for projects ending 12/15/11

                        30-Day Notices for projects ending 12/29 – 12/31/11


12/15/11         Final Notices for projects ending 12/15/11

15-Day Notices for projects ending 12/29 – 12/31/11


12/29/11         Final Notices for projects ending 12/29 – 12/31/11


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].