2012 Tax Withholdings

TO:                tt All RCUH Employees

SUBJECT:             2012 Tax Withholdings

You may want to take the time now at the beginning of the year, to review your tax status and withholding allowances on the W-4 form (for Federal Withholding Tax) and HW-4 form (for Hawaii State Withholding Tax).  Changes to tax status and allowances can be completed at any time during the year, but too much or too little withholdings during the year may result in large payments or large refunds when you file your tax returns next April.

Changes to your W-4 or HW-4 form may be submitted online on the RCUH Employee Self-Service system (ESS).  Once successfully submitted, your changes will be in effect on your next available paycheck.  Please note that changes to tax forms, as well as personal information, are not allowed during certain days while payroll is being processed.  You may refer to the 2012 RCUH Human Resources Personnel Action and Payroll Schedule for a list of the dates when the ESS system is not available for changes (listed under “ESS Blackout Period.”)

Act 001 – the Civil Unions Law – which allows couples to enter into civil unions as of January 1, 2012 in Hawaii, will afford benefits similar to those of married couples to civil union couples.  However, federal law does NOT recognize civil unions as legal unions.  If you are considering entering into a civil union, we suggest that you contact your tax advisor on how this may affect your taxes.