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RCUH employees are required to report ALL work-related injuries/illnesses IMMEDIATELY after its occurrence to their immediate supervisor.  All “lost time” due to the work-related injury must be certified by the employee’s primary treating physician. The RCUH does not allow “back dated” (i.e., after the fact) medical certifications.


For further clarification regarding claims administration and/or WC benefits, please review RCUH’s Worker’s Compensation Policy (3.580) and Safety and Accident Prevention Program Policy (3.930) or call Dayna Tsue at (808) 956-8953.






All RCUH Students Assistants employees are responsible for submitting a Student Verification each Semester in order to qualify for continued student employment. For all University of Hawaii students (eg: UH Manoa, UH Hilo, Honolulu Community College, Maui College, etc.), verification is not required, as RCUH has the ability to verify student status´ electronically through a UH database. However, verification is still needed for UH Outreach College and non-UH Schools (i.e. High School, Chaminade, HPU, etc).


The following are acceptable forms of student verification:

a) Student registration or receipt

b) Letter of student registration from the registrar or counselor

c) Validated student I.D. card

d) Any other form of verification deemed acceptable by the Director of Human Resources


Continuation of student employment:  Project/Student must submit a Student Verification for Spring 2012 semester by January 23, 2012.  Failure to submit student verification by the indicated deadline will result in termination of student employment.


Termination of student employment:  Student Assistants who no longer hold a student status must be terminated from RCUH due to their ineligibility (i.e. student graduation). Principal Investigators must initiate a termination action via the HRAMP system as soon as possible.


Please contact Sharon Vong at [email protected] or (808)956-7307 if you have any questions.






The Principal Investigator’s Corner



REPORTING Work-Related Injury/Illness TO RCUH HR


All supervisors and/or designated project personnel must report any work-related injury/illness to the RCUH Human Resources Department within 24 hours from the occurrence.  “Reporting” consists of completing, faxing, and mailing the Supervisor’s Report of Industrial Injury Form and Employee/Claimant Consent Form (both forms available as attachments in the Safety and Accident Prevention Program Policy (3.930).


During the initial notification process, the supervisor must give the injured employee the Worker’s Compensation (WC) memo (signed by our Director of Human Resources) explaining WC procedures ensuring proper administration of the claim.  This memo can be found as an attachment at the bottom in the Worker’s Compensation Policy (3.580).


Any questions regarding the content of the policies should be directed to Jill Niitani at (808) 956-8376.