Revised Revolving Fund Service Order Form

TO:  UH Principal Investigators, Project Staff, and Fiscal Officers

Please note the recent directive from the UH Office of Research Services (below).


From UH Office of Research Services

Revised Revolving Fund Service Order Form

Effective February 1, 2012, fiscal officers must use the revised revolving fund service order form to create new revolving funds or to amend or close existing revolving funds. The form can be found at:

Highlights of the new form are:

1.    Lines for the email addresses and phone numbers of the principal investigator and fiscal officer. This will help expedite processing of the form by providing central office staff with readily available contact information. Also, instead of mailing the fully executed form, a copy will be emailed to the fiscal officer and, if applicable, to the Manoa Vice Chancellor for Research.

2.    A new line to indicate close out of an RCUH service ordered revolving fund. Fiscal officers are  advised that all encumbrances and deficits must be cleared before the revolving fund can be closed. Also, fiscal officers must indicate how excess funds, if any, should be handled on the close-out request.

3.     A reminder that RCUH revolving funds shall not be used to manage extramurally funded awards per APM A8.931. Thus, RCUH service ordered revolving funds should not be used to account for program income or for applying, receiving and accounting for extramurally funded grants or contracts.

Per APM A8.931, use of RCUH service ordered revolving funds are limited to:

a.    Projects involving procurement of goods and services on a cost-reimbursable “user fee basis,” which could not otherwise be provided due to the uneconomical cost of specialized facilities, personnel, equipment and maintenance (e.g., research vessel and technical shop- type operations).

b.    On-going workshop or conference projects without direct extramural sponsorship involving non-university, out-of-state and international participants that require extensive administrative support due to complex travel, meeting and exhibition arrangements.

c.    Projects involving the production of books, periodicals, monographs, journals, and CDs that would not normally be published through the UH Press; providing access to or publishing research data, including maps for purchase or via subscription; or production of limited quantities of commodities developed under research projects for use by other organizations or institutions to further research or non-research activities.

As a reminder the revolving fund service order should be routed to the appropriate office for approval:

System, CCs:         VP for Research at MIC, Suite 201 or Director of the Office of Research Services at Sakamaki D-200

Mānoa:         VC for Research and Graduate Education, Fiscal Office, Hawai‘i Hall 103

Community Colleges :     to the respective Chancellor

Questions should be directed to:
System, CCs: Kevin Hanaoka at [email protected]
Manoa: Tracie Nakagawa at [email protected]