POLICY UPDATE: RCUH 3.640 Sick Leave Policy


Effective May 1, 2012, the following additions will be made to the RCUH 3.640 Sick Leave Policy.


1.    Medical/Dental Appointments: With their Principal Investigator’s approval, employees taking leave to attend their own medical appointments, such as doctor’s visits, dentist’s visits, and medical testing may charge their leave as Sick Leave (previously required to charge appointments to Vacation or Leave Without Pay).   Doctor’s notes substantiating the medical appointments will be required.  Reference 4)c) of the “Details of Policy” section.


2.    Illness/Injury During Another Authorized Leave Period:  Employees who are already on another authorized leave status (e.g., vacation) will be allowed to charge their leave (or a portion of their leave) as Sick Leave if the employee has a serious illness/injury requiring hospitalization (doctor’s/hospital certification confirming hospitalization will be required).  Reference 10)d) of the “Details of Policy” section.


As stated, the above changes are effective May 1, 2012 (i.e., changes will NOT apply to leave taken prior to May 1, 2012).  If you have any questions regarding this policy/addendum, please contact Jill Niitani at (808) 956-8376 or [email protected].