Impact on RCUH Financial Documents

Users are advised NOT to create new purchase order and payment documents that cannot be approved by the RCUH year-end deadline of 12:00 noon on June 29, 2012.  Users should wait until the RCUH financial system reopens for fiscal year 2013 in July 2012.

  • APPROVED RCUH Purchase Orders and Travel Requests with Advances that have an open encumbrance as of June 29 will be converted and displayed in the new format in July 2012. All other approved documents (stamped with a date accepted before 12:00 noon on June 29) will be moved to a historical database for viewing access.
  • PENDING documents that are NOT APPROVED by June 29 will be deleted and not converted.  This includes abandoned documents that are in Pending Status with edit errors.
  • DISAPPROVED documents will be deleted and not converted.
  • OPEN Travel Requests without Advances will be moved to the historical document database and users will have to create an “offline” Travel Completion after June 29.   All open documents should be processed by June 29 to reduce the number of documents that will require conversion.

 We appreciate your cooperation and assistance.  Please send comments or questions to [email protected].