Changes to the RCUH HRAMP Portal for KUALI


The RCUH Human Resources Administrative Management Portal will be down from 12:00 noon today, Tuesday, July 3rd through 8:00am on July 4th to implement changes required for the University of Hawaii’s new Kuali Financial System (KFS).




RCUH Accounting has already provided guidance as to the changes which will take place on the Financial Portal (see April 12th Current News Article “Upcoming Modification to the RCUH Financial System”).   The changes below are those which will occur on the RCUH Human Resources Portal:




(1)              Project numbers will be converted from 6 digits to 7 digits by duplicating the first digit (e.g. 612345 à 6612345; 001234 à 0001234).




(2)              New KFS fields can be entered in all HR AMP applications (e.g. Initiate Position Request, Initiate Employee Changes, Electronic Journal Voucher system).  The new fields are:




a.       Campus Code


b.      Sub Project Number (Sub-Account Number)


c.       Sub Budget Categories (Sub-Object Codes)




(3)              The Preview and Project Dist/Leave Bal panels of the RCUH Online Timesheet will now display each unique combination of project number – campus code – sub project number – budget category – sub budget category assigned to an employee.




(4)              Project allocations will no longer be limited to 4 different allocations.






Please also note that the following will not be available until Monday, July 9, 2012 due to the RCUH Financial Portal being down:




(1)              Payroll and fringe charges for pay period ending 6/30/12


(2)              eJ/V transactions approved between 6/28 – 7/08/12


(3)              Payroll Report for pay period ending 6/30/12


(4)              Vacation Reports for pay period ending 6/30/12


(5)              Attachment B




We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time of transition.