Hawaii Labor Laws Posters


July 6, 2012





TO:                 All Principal Investigators & Project Administrators




FROM:           Nelson Sakamoto


                        Director of Human Resources




SUBJECT:    Hawaii Labor Laws Posters






The State of Hawaii’s Department of Labor & Industrial Relations (DLIR) is reminding all Hawaii employers to ensure they have all legal employment law posters on their company’s bulletin board.  DLIR has provided an option of posting an all-inclusive poster or posters of each law.  To obtain these posters for free, the DLIR has provided two URLs for you to download these posters: http://hawaii.gov/labor/official-labor-law-poster. 




Poster(s) covers the following laws:


Disability Compensation Law


Laws Prohibiting Employment Discrimination


Military Leave


Occupational Safety & Health Laws


Required Notice to Dislocated Workers/Plant Closings


Unemployment Insurance Law


Wage & Hour Laws


Whistleblower Protection Law




For Federal Labor Laws you may obtain the applicable poster at the following URL:






Please ensure you have these Federal and State labor law posters displayed in an appropriate location.