RCUH Vendor Record File

RCUH will soon begin the “clean up” of our vendor record file.  


  • Exact duplicate vendor name/address records and records without any activity within the last 2 years will be removed from the file. 


  • Concurrently, RCUH will be contacting “active” vendors, paid $600 or more to date, but for which the tax identification number or Federal tax classification is missing or incomplete, to complete and submit a Form W-9 to collect tax identification numbers and Federal tax classifications.


  • Updates to our web screens are planned.  A new vendor registration form and the requirement for users to attach a Form W-9 when a new vendor record is created will soon be forthcoming. 


Until these steps are completed and new procedures are implemented, we encourage RCUH users to search the vendor file carefully before creating a new vendor record.  You may contact [email protected] if you have questions or comments.