RCUH Workers’ Compensation – Change in Third Party Administrator


TO:                 All Principal Investigators




FROM:           Nelson Sakamoto


                   Director of Human Resources




SUBJECT:    RCUH Workers’ Compensation – Change in Third Party Administrator






Effective September 1, 2013, the RCUH will be changing our Workers’ Compensation Third Party Administrator from Brandvold Ku, Inc. to First Insurance Company of Hawaii (FICOH)’s First Risk Management Services (FiRMS Claims Service). On Thursday, August 29, 2013, RCUH employees with open workers’ compensation claims will be notified by FiRMS Claims Services via email with updated contact information. We are expecting this to be a seamless process as we transition between third party administrators.




As a reminder, please remind your employees to report all work-related injuries immediately to their supervisors. Employees should refer to Policy 3.580 RCUH Workers’ Compensation and the 

Guidelines to Employees

 memo for more information on how their workers’ compensation claim will be processed and administered.




Please email me at nsakamoto@rcuh.com if you have any questions.