Need for Complete and Accurate Vendor Records

In our ongoing efforts to ensure that we have complete and accurate vendor information so that we can meet our legal tax reporting obligations for Form 1099 returns, we are seeking your assistance in contacting non-responsive vendors with whom you may have a relationship.


As you know, several steps have been already taken to improve the collection of the IRS Form W-9, which is necessary for the Form 1099 process.  Effective October 21, 2013, all newly created RCUH vendor records now require the vendor’s Form W-9. 

RCUH has been contacting vendors who have Form 1099-reportable payments for 2013, to submit a W-9.  After two (2) letter requests, several hundred vendors have not yet responded.  As a result, we would like to ask for your help with your vendors.

A list of non-responsive vendors can now be viewed by clicking on the “NR Vendors” action tab (top right corner) of the RCUH website page after logon.  We ask for your assistance in contacting non-responsive vendors that you recognize on the list to obtain a completed IRS Form W-9. 

Beginning November 18, 2013, non-responsive vendors that have not provided RCUH with a completed IRS Form W-9 will be deactivated. 

 The following describes the vendor deactivation process that will occur on November 18, 2013: 

  •  Vendor records with no active RCUH PO encumbrance:  If a vendor has not provided a Form W-9 by November 18, and the vendor has no active RCUH PO encumbrance, the vendor’s record will be deactivated and excluded from the Vendor Search display results.  If such a vendor requires payment, a RCUH user will be required to create a new vendor record.  A new vendor record will require a valid Form W-9 to be attached.
  • Vendor records with an active RCUH PO encumbrance:  Vendor records with an active RCUH PO encumbrance will be flagged.  A PI will be unable to submit a payment to a flagged vendor until the vendor provides a Form W-9 to RCUH.  The project will be required to contact the vendor and obtain the vendor’s Form W-9.  When the Form W-9 is sent to [email protected] with the PO# and the vendor name in the subject line, the flag will be lifted, and payment approval will be restored. 



We recommend that you check the non-responsive vendor list for vendors that you pay.  You can facilitate timely payments to your vendors by contacting them before payment is due to let them know that they need to provide a Form W-9 in order to receive future payment.  Prompt action by you can help to ensure that payments can be made to your vendors without delay.


We know that it is critical for you to maintain good relationships with your vendors and be able to continue to do business with them.  RCUH wholeheartedly supports good business relationships with your vendors but we cannot continue to pay a vendor that is unwilling to provide the required tax identification information to RCUH.  The penalties imposed by the IRS  are too significant when that is allowed to occur.


We thank you for your assistance.  By working together, RCUH can continue to provide the service that you expect and deserve.