IMPORTANT REMINDER! – Review and Update Your Personal Information on the RCUH Employee Self-Service System

 To:            All RCUH Employees


Believe it or not, we are already at the end of the year!  A few reminders:

(1) Update Contact Information

All RCUH employees are responsible to keep their personal contact information updated at all times via Employee Self Service (ESS). This includes the following information:

  • Home and Mailing Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Emergency Contact Information

It is important to keep this information updated at all times as we often send out important notices and emails to all employees, such as information regarding our electronic W-2 forms. Please log in to ESS to ensure that your contact information is current.

(2) Electronic W-2 Forms

The most efficient and secure way to obtain your W-2 is electronically.  We have been offering this service to our employees for the last few years.  Employees who use the electronic W-2 find it convenient, easy to access at any time, and secure.  Your electronic W-2 will be stored on your personal Employee Self-Service (ESS) site.  Therefore, you will be able to review, print, and store your electronic W-2 for this year and all future years.

Your personal confidential information will be safe and secure, and only accessible by you.    Please be on the lookout for instructions on how to give consent to an electronic W-2 form shortly or contact the RCUH Human Resources Payroll Office at [email protected] for more information.

(3) Review 2013 Pay and Tax Information

Review pay and tax information on your pay advices NOW to make sure that they are correct.  All corrections or adjustments must be posted by the 12/01 – 12/15/13 pay period (last pay period in 2013) to be reflected on your 2013 W-2 form.  Please report any discrepancies to your Principal Investigator or Project Administrator immediately.

(4) 2014 Tax Withholdings

Review marital status and withholding allowances on your W-4 (federal) and HW-4 (state) Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificates for the upcoming 2014 tax year.  Changes to tax withholdings may be completed at any time during the year, but too little withholdings during the year may result in large out-of-pocket payments, often with penalties, come April.

(5) 2014 Tax Form Renewals


Employees with special tax situations must renew tax documents for 2014 (e.g. W-4 exemptions, tax treaty exemptions).  Notification will be sent to applicable employees by email within the next week or two.