RCUH Financial System Modernization

We are pleased to announce a new, modernized purchase order creation process is available on-line starting today. We are confident that you will find the modernized PO creation screens are more efficient and user friendly.  This release is the first of several that will take place throughout the year as part of a comprehensive plan to modernize the RCUH financial system.  Last summer, RCUH conducted a survey of the users of the RCUH financial system and the UH Kuali Financial System, and using the feedback that was provided by many of you, we started to work on enhancements to the RCUH system. 


To keep pace with users’ expectations of any on-line system in today’s world, we are using state-of-the-art tools for the modernization.  In the current environment, applications are much more intuitive, making the old method of system implementation obsolete. The following are the benefits of “migrating in place” using current technology:


  • New functions are released while the legacy system remains available. In other words, both systems are available.
  • Users are provided with the option to use either the legacy or modernized version during the transition period. We will plan to “retire” the old system in April 2014 (a notice will be posted).
  • Users have time to adjust to the new features.
  • Extensive training manuals and classes are no longer needed.


The release of the modernized PO creation screens is the culmination of the joint effort of the development team that includes DataHouse, RCUH core office staff, and selected project staff users.  We would like to thank the project staff users who provided very relevant and meaningful insight and suggestions, which were incorporated into what is now being released for your use.


While using the new PO creation function is self-explanatory, Release Notes and a short video explaining the new features have been prepared for your use.