RCUH Payroll Changes for the 2/01 – 2/15/14 Pay Period

The following changes will be in effect starting from the 2/01 – 2/15/14 pay period:


(1)         RCUH Payroll will no longer require the following by the payroll deadline:



·         Employee Time/Leave Certification Forms (“paper timesheets”) for all sick leaves


·         Doctor’s Notes for sick leave of 5 consecutive days or more


·         Employee Time/Leave Certification Forms for Leave without Pay



Timesheets and supporting documentation for sick leave of 5 consecutive days or more are still required by policy and MUST be submitted to the Principal Investigator and/or Project Administrator for their review and files.  They no longer need to be submitted to RCUH Payroll unless required.



RCUH employees must still adhere to all requirements specified in the RCUH policies.



Employee Time/Leave Certification Forms  are still required to be submitted to RCUH Payroll by the payroll deadline for:


·         Family Leave


·         Worker’s Comp


·         Military Leave (attach Military Orders)


·         Jury Duty Leave (attach Certificate of Jury Duty)


·         Parent-Teacher Conference (attach RCUH Form B-1 – Request Form for Approval of Paid  Leave to Attend Parent-Teacher Conference)


·         Bereavement Leave (note relationship of deceased)




(2)         Changes to the vacation and sick leave policies include eliminating the restriction that leaves accrued during authorized RCUH leaves with pay cannot be used until the employee returns to work.   As of the 2/01 – 2/15/14 pay period:




·         All eligible vacation and sick leave hours earned while at work or on authorized RCUH leaves that are shown on the online timesheet may now be used (unless adjustments or payouts are pending).




·         All Leave without Pays should be posted on the online timesheet since available vacation hours can now be exhausted.




Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the RCUH Payroll staff at [email protected].   Questions regarding RCUH policies should be addressed to Nelson Sakamoto ([email protected]) or Renee Doi ([email protected]).