Each year Principal Investigators have the opportunity to nominate and recognize their RCUH employee who has made demonstrable, significant and outstanding contributions to their project during the previous year.  On February 7, 2014, a luncheon was held to honor the nominees and to announce the first and second place winners for 2013. 


Please join us in congratulating the following winners of the 2013 RCUH Outstanding Employee of the Year.


Outstanding Project Support Staff

1st Place: Coqui Frog Response and Control Team

Aja Akuna, Invasive Species Field Associate I

Darrell Aquino, Field Crew Leader

Kona Ball, Invasive Species Field Associate I

Dennis Green, Acting Field Crew Leader

Abe Vandenberg, Invasive Species Field Associate II

Project: tMaui Invasive Species Committee, Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit

PI:  ttDr. David Duffy


2nd Place: Kelly Whelan

Project: tMauna Kea Observatories Support Services, Institute for Astronomy

PI:   ttDr. Robert McLaren



Outstanding Researcher/Project Manager/Professional Staff

1st Place: Frank Farm Jr.  

Project: tHyperbaric Treatment Center, John A. Burns School of Medicine

PI: ttDr. Roy Magnusson


2nd Place: Tsunami Debris Group

Jan Hafner, Scientific Computer Programmer

Nikolai Maximenko, IPRC Senior Researcher

Gisela Speidel, IPRC Outreach Specialist

Project:tInternational Pacific Research Center, School of Ocean, Earth Science and Technology

PI:  ttDr. Kevin Hamilton