Required Training: OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 2012

TO:                  All RCUH Principal Investigators and Employees

FROM:            Nelson Sakamoto

                         Director of Human Resources 

SUBJECT:    Required Training: OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 2012 

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has required all employees, as defined by OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard 2012, to be trained on all new label elements and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) by December 1, 2013. OSHA’s HCS 2012 has been created to directly align with the Global Harmonization System (GHS) produced by the United Nations. Please see the definition of “Employee” below:   

Employee: means a worker who may be exposed to hazardous chemicals under normal operating conditions or in foreseeable emergencies. Workers such as office workers or bank tellers who encounter hazardous chemicals only in non-routine, isolated instances are not covered.

All RCUH Employees: If you have not yet completed the GHS training, please complete the GHS training (approximately 30 minute online training) by following the link to our GHS training module below:

GHS Training Link: 

Please complete the online GHS training by April 7, 2014. Upon completion of the online training, participants will receive a certificate of completion via email. Please submit a copy of the GHS certificate of completion to Elmer “Tahi” Lim via scan and email to [email protected].