Need for Vendor IRS Form W9

As previously announced in Fall 2013, RCUH is continuing its efforts to obtain an IRS Form W-9 from all of its vendors in order to ensure accurate federal income tax reporting.  RCUH has been contacting vendors to submit a W-9.  After two (2) letter requests, several hundred vendors have not yet responded.  As a result, we would like to ask for your help with your vendors.



A list of non-responsive vendors can be viewed at the following link (here).   We ask for your assistance in contacting non-responsive vendors that you recognize on the list to obtain a completed IRS Form W-9.



Beginning June 30, 2014, non-responsive vendors that have not provided RCUH with a completed IRS Form W-9 will be deactivated.


We recommend that you check the non-responsive vendor list for vendors that you work with.  We thank you for your assistance in improving RCUH’s procurement system.


If you have any questions, please contact RCUH Financial Services at, or Sumi Wong at 956-4948, or Greg Schlais at 956-3969.