RCUH Flexible Spending Plans – National Benefits Services (NBS) Website Upgrades & Changes

Effective September 1, 2014, RCUH’s third-party administrator for all Flexible Spending Plans (Medical Expense and Dependent Care Expense Reimbursement Accounts) and Pretax Transportation Benefits (Parking and Bus Pass), National Benefits Services (NBS), will upgrade and enhance their website features.  Participants will be able to interact with balances and summaries, review historical transactions, track medical expenses, set communication preferences, and etc.  Also, the new Mobile App will allow participants to submit claims and more.


With this website upgrade, all RCUH employees currently participating in those benefits:


1.    Must contact NBS directly ONLY IF corrections or updates to your mailing and/or e-mail addresses need to be made


2.    Will be receiving notifications directly from NBS via mail or e-mail on this change


3.    Must (re)set-up/log-in to the new NBS website online account using:


a.    The Employer ID # that NBS will provide via mail and/or e-mail, OR


b.    Your Debit Card #


4.    Will be receiving NEW DEBIT CARDS prior to the end of August 2014


Click here for the NBS Website Upgrades and Employee Information Brochure.


Should you have any questions, please contact RCUH Human Resources Benefits Department at [email protected].




RCUH Human Resources