Updated RCUH Vendor Registration Form Effective January 26, 2015

New Fields

  • UH and RCUH Employee Number — New vendor records for UH and RCUH employees will require that users enter the employee’s UH or RCUH employee identification number as appropriate. If a user tries to create a new record using an employee number already entered on an existing RCUH record, an error message will be returned.
  • User’s email address — The user who creates a vendor record will be required to enter his/her email address.

New Codes in Status (ST) Column

  • Instead of a “●” symbol, a status code will be displayed to describe the vendor record type (EM, G, A) or the IRS or UH form (W9, WH, W8, WE, 60) on file at RCUH. In the purchasing menu, the code appears next to the vendor name. In the payments menu, the code appears after the zipcode field. U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens may have a W-9 or a WH-1 on fil
  • If the field is blank and the vendor has a U.S. address, the record was likely created prior to October 2013 when the W-9 became a requirement. Request the vendor’s W-9 if your payment will be IRS-reportable.
  • If RCUH has a form on file for a foreign entity, users do not have to request another Form W-8 or Form 60 from the vendor, unless paying U.S. source income to a foreign vendor who only has a RCUH Form 60 on file. All foreign vendor payments must still be submitted to the RCUH Disbursing Office.
Status U.S. vendors Form
W9 U.S. citizen, sole proprietor/individual, corporation, partnership, limited liability company, permanent resident alien IRS W-9 Form
WH U.S. citizen, permanent resident alien UH WH-1
EM RCUH or UH regular employee No ‘W’ form required
G U.S. Federal, State or County governmental entity No ‘W’ form required
Status Foreign vendors Form
A Nonresident alien (NRA) individual No current form on file; new form required for each payment due to changes in information for each visit
W8 Foreign person various New W-8 forms (BEN, ECI, EXP or IMY); Old IRS Form W-8BEN
WE Foreign entity New IRS Form W-8BEN-E
60 Foreign entity or NRA paid for foreign source income RCUH Form 60

General Improvements

  • Text changes were made to make the instructions more understandable and easier to follow. A Form W-9 is not required for Federal, State and County governmental entities and is not required for regular RCUH and UH employees.