RCUH ePersonnel Action Form (ePAF) – GO LIVE TODAY!

TO:  All Principal Investigators, Project Administrators and Fiscal Administrators

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new HR Portal and ePersonnel Action Form (ePAF) today!

Our new ePAF will eliminate the need for you to complete manual PAF’s for many actions that you have been accustomed to doing for many years. Effective immediately, you will be able to do the following transactions through ePAF via the new HR Portal:

  • Project #/Allocation Change (Temporary/Permanent Changes)
  • Terminations (Voluntary and Involuntary)
  • Distribution Code Change
  • FTE Changes
  • Pay Rate Changes
  • Leave of Absence
  • One Time Payment (Project Specific – Must be Pre-Approved by RCUH Human Resources)

Please do not send us manual PAF’s for the above actions (unless you are initiating an action for a DUAL hire). We will continue to accept manual PAF’s in the rare event that you are unable to initiate the action via ePAF.

We have put together an FAQ sheet that will address business rules that were built into the ePAF as well as common questions regarding the new HR Portal. Please see below for the links to the FAQ sheets:

We have also started to provide training to all Principal Investigators, Fiscal Administrators, and Supervisors/Project Administrators. Please refer to the Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Current News Article for details on the remaining training dates/times.

For those that are not able to make an ePAF training session, please see below for links to resources regarding ePAF:

If you have any questions regarding the HR Portal and/or the ePAF, please find the following contact information below:

RCUH Contact Name Email Address Phone Number
Kellye Yamamoto [email protected] (808) 956-9561
Taylor Sumi [email protected] (808) 956-6318
Sharon Vong [email protected] (808) 956-0871
Christopher Fabian [email protected] (808) 956-7106