2015 RCUH Outstanding Employee of the Year – Accepting Nominations

RCUH is accepting nominations for its annual Outstanding Employee of the Year Awards Program now through October 31, 2015.

This awards program is to encourage, recognize, and reward RCUH employees who have made demonstrable, significant and outstanding contributions to their project during the previous year.

Any Regular RCUH employee or groups of RCUH employees are eligible for the program. Principal Investigators may nominate up to two employees from their respective project per category. No more than one Group or Team nomination will be accepted from a Program, Project, School or Institute. Group or Team nominations are limited to no more than 5 individuals. If a Principal Investigator has more than two nominations, he/she will need to determination which two are the best nominations to be submitted to the RCUH Human Resources Department.

2 NOMINATION CATEGORIES (Maximum of 2 nominees per category):

  1. Outstanding Researcher/Project Manager/Professional (Exempt status position)
  2. Outstanding Project Support Staff (Non-Exempt status position)

Click here for the nomination form

For more information on the program, please refer to policy 3.450 Outstanding Employee of the Year Award.

Deadline to submit nomination(s): October 31, 2015
Please send all nominations to Evelyn Moss at [email protected].