RCUH Financial System – Modernized User Interface, Announcement No. 1

We are pleased to announce that RCUH will be releasing a modernized user interface for our financial information system on Monday, November 23, 2015. The existing user interface now sits on an obsolete software platform that needs to be replaced. The new platform provides immediate benefits, including a more intuitive and user-friendly experience and improved systems security. More importantly, the new platform provides the capability to add significantly greater functionality, which will be critical for planned future system enhancements.

User Logins
Each authorized user will be assigned an individual username to log in to the financial system. This will eliminate the need for group usernames. You will also have the ability to update your profile information (password, email, default information for purchase requisitions and payments) yourself and delegate access to another user.

Website Address
On Friday, November 20, 4:00 pm, users will no longer be able to log in to the RCUH Financial Portal with the website address https://securercuh01.rcuh.com. On Monday, November 23, the new website address will be https://fis.rcuh.com. Please update your Bookmarks or Favorites in your web browser.

Impact on Pending Documents
Users are advised NOT to create new purchase order, payment, and travel documents that cannot be approved by Friday, November 20, 4:00 pm. Users should wait until the financial system reopens on Monday, November 23, to create new documents.

  • PENDING PI Submittal, Pending FO approval, or Pending Additional Info Requested documents that are NOT approved by November 20, 4:00 pm, will be deleted and not migrated to the new system.
  • DISAPPROVED documents will be deleted and not migrated to the new system.
  • APPROVED documents will be migrated to the new system.
  • PENDING RCUH Approval or Pending Additional Info Requested by RCUH documents will be migrated to the new system.

Please plan accordingly.

Users already familiar with the RCUH financial system will be happy to hear that the design of the modernized user interface is based on existing forms and processes, and extensive user training will not be required. RCUH will provide training and other communications to highlight the new features and functionality. Additional details on training will be provided in future announcements.

Important Dates

Friday, November 20 4:00 pm – Payment and PO approval deadline
Pending and Disapproved documents will be deleted
Friday, November 20 to
Sunday, November 22
RCUH Financial System disabled
Monday, November 23 RCUH Financial System OPEN
New URL for Financial Portal: https://fis.rcuh.com

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Maile Brooks at [email protected] or (808) 988-8340.