RCUH Financial System – Modernized User Interface, Announcement No. 3 – User Guide and Training Videos

RCUH will be releasing a modernized user interface for our financial information system on Monday, November 23, 2015. The design of the modernized user interface is based on existing forms and business processes, so users familiar with the current system should not require extensive user training.

The User Guide and Training Videos provide highlights on the new features of each major function in the modernized system.

Training videos for each function can be found by clicking on the links below:
Main Menu & Delegation (2:30 minutes)
Create PO (3:05 minutes)
PO Change (2:25 minutes)
PO Payment (2:09 minutes)
Authorization for Payment (3:09 minutes)
Non-Employee Expenses (4:25 minutes)
Personal Automobile Mileage (3:05 minutes)
Petty Cash Summary Sheet (2:59 minutes)
Travel Request (4:23 minutes)
Travel Completion (4:38 minutes)
Travel Completion from a Travel Request (4:43 minutes)
RCUH Reports (1:08 minutes)
UH Reports (1:03 minutes)
Attachment B (1:43 minutes)

All training videos combined together (a playlist):


Existing training videos will remain in the Using RCUH.com Help page. These videos reflect the previous design version of www.rcuh.com, and focus on the business process and basic workflow of submitting POs, Payments, Travel Requests, etc.