Reinstatement of NTE Notices

TO: Principal Investigators and Fiscal Administrators

To assist you in maintaining accurate and timely charges of your RCUH employees’ salary and fringe benefit charges, RCUH will again start sending out Not-to-Exceed (NTE) notifications to Principal Investigators and Fiscal Administrators. These notices will alert you to employees still allocated to expiring projects 30-days prior to the project’s expiration date.

Please note that RCUH payroll will continue to post an employee’s salary and fringe benefit charges to the project account on record whether it has expired or not. To prevent receiving multiple reminders each month, please be sure to have the project’s end-date extended via Kuali or the RCUH Financial System, or terminate the employee or reallocate him to another account via the ePAF System.

You may also use the eJ/V system to retroactively transfer the employees’ salary and fringe charges to valid accounts as needed.

Please remember that if your employees worked, the RCUH is obligated to pay them for their services. If there are insufficient funds, or if the salary and fringe charges are disallowed because the project has ended, the Principal Investigators and Fiscal Administrators are responsible for allocating other funds to pay their employees.

Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our Payroll staff at [email protected].