RCUH Employee Driver’s License Information

TO: RCUH Employees

Effective December 17, 2015, all RCUH employees who drive a vehicle during their working hours or for any job related functions, will be required to provide RCUH HR their valid Driver’s License information.  This information is being requested to ensure that RCUH is able to continually maintain its insurance coverage.

We are aware that you were previously asked to manually provide your license number and state of issuance to our Risk Management Section.  In an effort to avoid such future requests, we have created a new system in our Employee Self Service (ESS), which allows us to securely maintain your information without a need for yearly requests/updates; you will only need to update your information if it changes or expires.  Our new system requires that you input your license number and state of issuance, as well as the expiration date, to ensure that all information is kept current.

You may input your information by going to our home page www.rcuh.com and logging on to the ESS.  Once logged in, navigate to Main Menu > Self Service > Personal Information > Driver’s License Data to update your information.

If you have any difficulties logging on to ESS, please contact [email protected].

The information you provide will be handled confidentially by RCUH, and as required by the Privacy Act of 1974.  The information will only be submitted to RCUH’s insurance company for liability insurance coverage purposes.

We ask that you input your information by February 29, 2016.

Thank you,
RCUH Human Resources