On-Line Approval Process

We are seeking your input on a possible change to the financial system on-line approval process.

Currently, many Secondary Users (SU) create a transaction on behalf of a PI. In some instances, the PI has provided approval authority to the SU to “Submit to FA”, which transmits the transaction to the FA for action. In other cases, the SU does not have the approval authority so the project procedure is that the PI must sign off on a hard copy of the transaction before the SU can click the ‘Submit to FA’ button.

To address the latter situation and work towards a paperless system, we are exploring the feasibility of adding a “PI Approval” button. We realize this will meet the needs of some, but may create issues for others.

So please let us know if this will be a useful feature for you or not. Please email Doug Tonokawa, Director of Finance, at [email protected] or call him at (808) 988-8320. We appreciate your comments. Thank you!