UH Alerts/Broadcast Notification System

TO:  All Principal Investigators, Project Staff, and RCUH Employees

If you are interested in receiving emergency/broadcast alert messages from the University of Hawai‘i please go to www.hawaii.edu/alert/. Please note, this link will provide you step by step instructions on how to sign up for both email and text emergency alerts affecting the various UH Campuses if you have UH username and password.

UH Alert Emergency Notification

The UH Alert emergency notification system alerts the university community in the event of a natural, health or civil emergency. The information you provide will only be used in the event of an emergency that impacts the health and safety of the UH community or closures of whole campuses. It will not be shared with others or used for routine UH communications or announcements.

Information about UH Alert

Automated emergency messaging options include:

  • Email
    your @hawaii.edu email address is automatically subscribed to UH Broadcast, which sends out email for administrative and health and safety alerts. Please note, this does not apply to users with email address like specificschool.hawaii.edu.)
  • SMS /text messages
    Alerts can be sent via text message to student, faculty and staff mobile phones.

 UH Alert Sign Up Instructions

  1. Login with your UH username and password.
  2. Tell us the campus(es) or geographic location(s) about which you want to be alerted.
  3. Submit your cell phone number.
  4. Click “Save Changes” at the end of the form.
  5. That‘s it! You may opt-out or change your information at any time.

UH Broadcast Sign Up Only

UH Broadcast is used for announcements, traffic warnings, construction notices, power outages, burglaries, etc.

Principal Investigators, Project Staff, and RCUH employees who are interested in receiving UH Broadcast email notifications can voluntarily subscribe by:

Sending an email to: [email protected] with the following text in the body of the email:

Subscribe ANNOUNCE-campus-RCUH-STAFF yourFirstName yourLastName

Example email body with changes in Red: Subscribe ANNOUNCE-UHM-RCUH-STAFF Jane Doe

The various campuses available are:

  •    UHM
  •    System
  •    UHWO
  •    UHH
  •    Kapiolani
  •    Leeward
  •    Honolulu
  •    Windward
  •    Maui
  •    Kauai
  •    Hawaii

If you would like to unsubscribe from receiving UH Broadcasts or have any questions, please email Taylor Sumi at [email protected] or Stacie Kondo at [email protected].