Update to Policy 2.013, Signature and Document Approval Requirements

Effective April 19, 2017, Policy 2.013, Signature and Document Approval Requirements, was updated as follows:

Section II.A. has been revised to state as follows:

A. On forms and legal documents that require a signature, the following signature types are acceptable:

1. A manual signature (i.e., a signature that is handwritten onto a hardcopy document), whether scanned, faxed, or submitted in original form; and

2. An electronic signature obtained using the State of Hawai‘i eSign service.

The above revision acknowledges RCUH’s use and acceptance of electronic signatures obtained using the State of Hawai‘i eSign service.  The service incorporates a method (that meets federal and state law) of securely verifying the identity of an individual affixing an electronic signature to a document.

For those of you who have already registered to use eSign, you will be receiving more information (including training options and your username/password) soon.  If you have not previously registered, and would like to do so, you may contact Janice Sato at [email protected].

Please note that only users who will be initiating the transmittal of RCUH documents for electronic signature (i.e., users who route documents for signature) should register for eSign.  If you only sign documents, you DO NOT need to register. Please also note that the use of eSign is not mandatory, and is only being provided for your convenience, if you choose to utilize it.

Questions may be directed to Erin H. Yoda at (808) 956-3969 or [email protected].