RCUH Payroll Deadlines

REMINDER:  RCUH Payroll Deadlines are strictly enforced. No exceptions will be made to process timesheets that do not meet the established RCUH Payroll Deadline. 

The deadline for Projects to submit timesheets and all required supporting documents is 12:00 noon on the established RCUH Payroll Deadline day.

Employees must submit their signed timesheets and supporting documents to their projects for review and certification prior to the RCUH Payroll Deadline.  Employee timesheets submitted directly to RCUH Payroll by an employee without Principal Investigator certification will not be processed.

Failure to submit timesheets and all required supporting documents to RCUH Payroll by the deadline will result in employees not being paid, or fully paid, on time and may affect benefits eligibility.  Supporting documents are required for leaves such as jury duty, parent-teacher conference, bereavement and military leave, if applicable.

The RCUH Payroll Deadline also applies to timesheets that require co-certification by PI for employees who have been delegated the PI’s responsibilities for timesheet submission to RCUH, which also includes submission of their own timesheet.  See Payroll & Certification Procedures for details.

Timekeeping Tip: It is strongly recommended that a back-up timekeeper is established in the event that a PI/timekeeper is unable to complete the project’s timekeeping tasks

Reference RCUH Policy: 3.810 RCUH Payroll & Certification

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For further assistance, please email the RCUH Payroll staff at [email protected].