RCUH partners with HMSA to launch Sharecare App!

RCUH is excited to announce a new healthcare app, Sharecare! Want to find out what your real age is compared to your calendar age? The RealAge test is a clinically-verified health assessment that tracks your diet, blood pressure, stress levels and other variables that can affect your lifespan. RealAge is about letting you know where your health stands – the actual age of your body!

With the Sharecare app, you can create a customized health experience based on your needs. Get answers to your most burning health questions, read the latest health tips from Dr. Oz and other Sharecare experts, watch videos on dozens of health topics, start getting in shape, discover better sleep and less stress in your life. With RealAge + Sharecare, you can work on improving your health by using the personal online health tools focused on you!

Interested in becoming a health ambassador for your project? This individual would be willing to inspire and encourage others within their project to take charge of their health and well-being. As an ambassador you can help your colleagues to live longer better!

Contact RCUH HR intern Pono Akau at [email protected] for more information.